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Peterson 99-00, "'And Called it Macaroni:' Eating, Writing, Becoming American" (assoc. prof. of English, Washington Univ., St. Louis)
Education: City College of New York, B.A., 75; Columbia, M.A., 83; Harvard, Ph.D., 89
Current Position: prof. of English, African and African American, and American Culture Studies, Washington Univ. in St. Louis
Other Publications:
We Wear the Mask: African Americans Write American Literature, 1760-1870 (Columbia Univ. Press, 1997); "Fictions of the Harlem Renaissance" Cambridge History of American Literature, vol. 6, (2003)
Address: Washington University in St. Louis, CB 1109, One Brookings Drive, St. Louis, MO, 63130; zafar[at]
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AAS-ASECS 96-97, "Gender and the First Party System" (assoc. prof. of history, George Mason)
Education: Northwestern, B.A., 77; Yale, M.A., 78, Ph.D., 84
Current Position: prof. of history, George Mason
Fellowship Publications:
"The Rights of Man and Woman in Post-Revolutionary America," The William & Mary Quarterly, LV (April 1998), 203-230
Other Publications:
The Politics of Size: Representation in the United States, 1776-1850 (1987); David Humphrey's Life of General Washington (1991); "Morals, Manners, and the Republican Mother," American Quarterly 44 (June 1992): 192-215; A Woman's Dilemna: Mercy Otis Warren and the American Revolution (1995)
Address: George Mason University, Robinson Hall--MSN 3G1, Fairfax, VA, 22030; rzagarri[at]
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Boni 83-84, "A Fictive People: Antebellum Economic Development and the Reading Public for American Novels, 1837-57" (adj. prof. in social science, Pace)
Fellowship: AAS-NEH 92-93, "Literary Enterprise in Antebellum America: Publishers, Novelists, and the Reading Public" (asst. prof. of history, Texas at Arlington and asst. prof. of history, Georgia State)
Education: Bridgeport, B.A., 75; New York Univ., M.A., 77, Ph.D., 84
Current Position: prof. of communication, women's studies, and cultural studies, dir. of graduate studies in communication, Pittsburgh
Fellowship Publications:
"The Transportation Revolution and Antebellum Book Distribution Reconsidered," American Quarterly 38 (1986); "The Letter and the Fiction-Reading Public in Antebellum America," Journal of American Culture 10 (1987); "Book Distribution and American Culture: A 150-Year Perspective," Book Res. Quarterly 3 (1988); "The Railroad, the Community, and the Book," Southwest Review 71 (1986) [DeGolyer American Studies Essay Prize, SMU], repr. Bill Katz, ed., Library Literature--The Best of 1987 (Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow); "Antebellum Reading and the Ironies of Technological Innovation, American Quarterly 40 (1988), repr. Cathy N. Davidson, ed., Reading in America: Literature and Social History (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins, 1992) [Cathy Covert Prize in Mass Communication History of the History Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication]; "Reading Patterns in Antebellum America: Evidence in the Charge Records of the New York Society Library," Libraries and Culture 26 (1991): 301-33, repr. in Donald G. Davis, Jr., ed., Reading and Libraries (Austin: Grad. School of Library and Information Science, Univ. of Texas, 1991), 301-33; "Cheap Publishing in Antebellum Boston: John Townsend Trowbridge's Martin Merrivale: His `X' Mark," Dime Novel Round-Up 60 (1992): 78-83; "Literary Enterprise and the Mass Market: Publishing and Business Innovation in Antebellum America," Essays in Economy and Business History 10 (1992): 168-81 [Charles J. Kennedy Prize of the Economy and Business Historical Society]; A Fictive People: Antebellum Economic Development and the American Reading Public (New York: Oxford Univ. Press, 1993); "Technology and the Character of Community Life in Antebellum America: The Role of Story Papers," in Leonard I. Sweet, ed., Communication and Change in American Religious History, (Grand Rapids, MI: William B. Eerdmans, 1993): 185-215; co-author w/ Mary Saracino Zboray, "Political News and Female Readership in Antebellum Boston and Its Region," Journalism History 22 (Spring, 1996): 2-14; co-author w/ Mary Saracino Zboray, "Books, Reading, and the World of Goods in Antebellum New England," American Quarterly 48 (Dec. 1996): 587- 622; co-author w/ Mary Saracino Zboray, "The Boston Books Trade, 1789-1850: A Statistical and Geographical Analysis," in Conrad Edick Wright and Katheryn P. Viens, eds., Entrepreneurs: The Boston Business Community, 1700-1850 (Boston: Massachusetts Historical Society, 1997): 210-267; co-author w/ Mary Saracino Zboray, "'Have You Read...?': Real Readers and Their Responses in Antebellum Boston and Its Region," Nineteenth-Century Literature 52 (Sept. 1997); co-author w/ Mary Saracino Zboray all of the following publications: "Whig Women, Politics, and Culture in the Campaign of 1840: Three Perspectives from Massachusetts," Journal of the Early Republic 17 (July 1997) "The Romance of Fisherwomen in Antebellum New England," American Studies 39 (Spring 1998): 5-30; "Transcendentalism in Print: Production, Dissemination, and Common Reception," in Transient and Permanent: The Transcendentalist Movement and Its Contexts, ed. Charles Capper and Conrad Edick Wright (Boston: Massachusetts Historical Society, 1999), 310-381; "The Mysteries of New England: Eugene Sue's 'Imitators,' 1844," Nineteenth-Century Contexts 22:3 (Sept. 2000), 457-492; "Gender Slurs in Boston's Partisan Press During the 1840s," Journal of American Studies 34 (Dec. 2000): 413-445; "Home Libraries and the Institutionalization of Everyday Practice in Antebellum New England," American Studies, Special Issue on Culture and Libraries, 42:3 (Fall 2001): 63-86, Reprinted in Libraries as Agencies of Culture, ed. Thomas Augst and Wayne Wiegand (Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2001), 63-86; "Cannonballs and Books: Reading and the Disruption of Social Ties on the New England Homefront," in The War Was You and Me: Civilians in the American Civil War, ed. Joan Cashin (Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 2002), 237-261; "Between 'Crockery-dom' and Barnum: Boston's Chinese Museum, 1845-1847," American Quarterly 56, no. 2 (June 2004): 271-307; Literary Dollars and Social Sense: A People's History of the Mass Market Book (New York: Routledge, 2005); Everyday Ideas: Socioliterary Experience Among Antebellum New Englanders (Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 2006).
Other Publications: "The Real and the Realistic in `Down to the Sea in Ships,'" Film and History 10 (1980): 49-54; "The Personal Computer and the Personal Papers Project: Indexing the Emma Goldman Papers Microfilm Edition," International Journal of Micrographics and Video Technology 5 (1986); "dBASE III Plus and the MARC AMC Format: Problems and Possilities," American Archivist 50 (1987): 210-225; "The Book Peddler and Literary Dissemination: The Case of Parson Weems," Publishing History 25 (1989): 27-44; "Computerized Document Control and Indexing at the Emma Goldman Papers," Document Editing 11 (1989): 27-44; "Archival Standards in Documentary Editing," Studies in Bibliography 43 (1990): 34-49; "Books" in Erwin K. Thomas and Brown Carpenter, eds., Handbook on Mass Media in the United States: The Industry and Its Audiences, (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1994): 19-37; "ed.ial Principles and Procedures," in Candace Falk et al., eds., Emma Goldman: A Guide to Her Life and Documentary Sources, (Alexandria, VA: Chadwyck-Healey, 1995): 137-161; co-author w/ Mary Saracino Zboray, "Reading and Everyday Life in Antebellum Boston: The Diary of Daniel F. and Mary G. Child," Libraries and Culture 32 (Summer 1997); A Handbook for the Study of Book History in the United States co-authored w/ Mary Saracino Zboray (Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, Center for the Book, 2000); co-authored w/ Mary Saracino Zboray "Media and War," Encyclopedia of War and American Society, 3 vols., ed. Peter Karsten (Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage, 2006), 2: 468-77
Address: Department of Communication, 1117 Cathedral of Learning, Univeristy of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15260; zboray[at]
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Fellowship: Peterson 96-97, "'Brothers in Divorce': Quakers' Attitudes toward Sectarian Religious Groups of Early America in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries" (assoc. prof. of history, Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine)
Education: Dniepropetrovkst, Dipl. of Historian, 81; Moscow Institute of History, Cand. of History Science, 87; Dniepropetrovsk, Doct. of History Science, 96
Current Position: asst. prof. of history, Ball State
Other Publications: From "Inner Light" to "New Canaan": The Quaker Society of the "Middle" Colonies (Dniepropetrovsk Univ. Press, 1995); "Levelling of the Extemes," in Images of America (Free Univ. of Brussels Press, 1997)
Web Page:,1966,5749-887-56179,00.html
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Peterson 89-90, "Uneasy Allies: Working Class Activists and Middle Class Reformersin Nineteenth-Century Boston and New York" (asst. prof. of history, Wisconsin at Madison)
Education: Amherst, B.A., 80; Yale, M.A.,82, M.Phil., 83, Ph.D., 86
Current Position: assoc. prof. of history, North Carolina State
Other Publications: Aspirations and Anxieties: New England Workers and the Mechanized Factory System, 1815-1850 (New York: Oxford Univ. Press, 1992.); "Foreign Pioneers: Immigrants and the Mechanized Factory System in Antebellum New England," in Martin Blatt and Martha Norkunas, eds., Work, Recreation and Culture: Essays in American Labor History (Garland Publishing, 1996): 163-182
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Last 07-08 "Mapping Destiny: Cartography and Nineteenth-Century American Art of the Frontier" (Ph.D. cand. in fine and applied arts and art history, Illinois)
Education: Indiana, B.S., 77; Illinois, M.F.A., 95; Illinois, M.A., 03
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