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Directory of Fellows and Research Associates,


The American Antiquarian Society has been awarding visiting research fellowships since 1972-73. These stipend-bearing awards have enabled a diverse group of researchers to spend anywhere from one month to a full year in residence at the Society. It would be hard to exaggerate how important the fellowship program has been in making the Society the vital center for research in American history and culture that it is today. All of the staff over the past quarter century are proud of the program and pleased with what it has meant for the fellows themselves and for the development of scholarship in all of the fields that the AAS library's collections support. Bearing testimony to the impact that the program has had on the fellows themselves, on the fields of American historical and cultural research through 1876, and on AAS as an institution are the essays drawn from a symposium marking the program's twenty-fifth anniversary and published under the title A Quarter Century of Visiting Fellowships at the American Antiquarian Society, 1972-1997.

We are pleased to issue this directory of all American Antiquarian Society fellows and research associates in residence from 1972-73 to the present on the Society's website. Although the Society is not a university and it grants no degrees, these individuals constitute a very important "alumni" body. AAS is a learned society and research library; few scholars have made longer, more intensive, or better use of the Society's rich resources than the hundreds of women and men listed here.

The Society's Council, or governing body, in 1970 authorized the establishment at AAS of a program of funded visiting research fellowships in order to make more readily available its unparalleled resources in American history and culture. The first fellowships were awarded two years later. They were short-term grants, with modest stipends that helped defray the expenses that scholars incurred in spending from one to three months in residence at the Society. In 1976-77, funds became available to provide fellowships at income-replacement levels to allow researchers access to AAS collections for periods ranging from six months to a full year. Several categories of short-term awards, drawing on various funding sources, have been instituted over the years. The long-term awards have been made possible by a succession of grants to the Society from the National Endowment for the Humanities and, more recently, by grants from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Support from the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund in the mid-1990s allowed the Society to add fellowship competitions for elementary and secondary school teachers and for creative and performing artists and writers. Other sources of financial support have enabled the artist fellowship program to continue beyond the expiration of the Wallace grant.

These fellows and research associates have come from nearly all of the fifty states and from the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, the West Indies, Australia, and Asia. The visitors have ranged from promising young graduate students embarked on their doctoral dissertations to some of the most accomplished writers of American historical literature. Many of the fellows have produced significant publications based in part on their mining of the rich veins of research materials housed in the stacks of Antiquarian Hall. Their work has markedly enriched humanistic research and teaching in America in the last generation.

The information contained in the biographical listings has, in most cases, been supplied or verified by the fellow or research associate. In the entries, the scholar's name is followed by the name and date of the fellowship(s) held, by the person's title and institution at the time of residence, and by the title of the research project(s) carried out at AAS. Next comes a listing of the fellow's academic degrees, with institutions and dates. The section denoted Fellowship Publications lists articles or books that stemmed from research carried out at AAS during the fellowship. The results for the K-12 teacher and artist fellowships are listed following the rubric Fellowship Outcomes. The heading Other Publlications precedes a selective list of other significant publications by the fellow. The individual's current (or last known) address(es), including e-mail addresses in many cases, follows.

The specific fellowship categories are given in short form as follows:

    AAS-NEH: AAS-National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowships, 1976-present, from a succession of grants from NEH program of fellowships at Centers for Advanced Study.

    AAS-NEMLA: AAS-Northeast Modern Language Association Fellowships, 1988-92 and 1999-present, from funds provided jointly by AAS and NEMLA.

    AAS-ASECS: AAS-American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Fellowships, 1989-present, from funds provided jointly by AAS and ASECS.

    AHPCS: American Historical Print Collectors Society Fellowships, 1996-present, from funds provided by the American Historical Print Collectors Society.

    Artist: Fellowships for creative and performing artists and writers, 1995-present, from a grant from the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund.

    Baron: Robert and Charlotte Baron Fellowship, 2000-present, from the income on an endowment provided by Robert and Charlotte Baron.

    Boni: Albert Boni Fellowships, 1980-89, from annual gifts from members of the family of Albert Boni; Boni Fellowships, 1990-92, from annual gifts from William F. Boni.

    Botein: Stephen Botein Fellowships, 1989-present, from income on an endowment fund established by family and friends of the late Stephen Botein.

    Daniels: Fred Harris Daniels Fellowships, 1974-81, from income from a challenge grant from the Fred Harris Daniels Foundation; 1981-82, from the Society's general unrestricted income.

    Drawn to Art: "Drawn to Art" Fellowship, 2000-present, income on an endowment fund established by Diana Korzenik.

    Hearst: William Randolph Hearst Foundation Fellowships, 2000-present, from the income on an endowment established by the William Randolph Hearst Foundation.

    Hiatt: Frances Hiatt Fellowships, 1980-93, from annual gifts from Jacob Hiatt.

    Haven: Samuel Foster Haven Fellowships (named in honor of a nineteenth-century scholar and librarian of AAS), 1982-85, from a grant from the Exxon Education Foundation; 1985-87, from restricted endowment income.

    K-12: Fellowships for K-12 Teachers and Librarians, 1994-97, from a grant from the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund.

    Last: Jay and Deborah Last Fellowships, 2007-present, from gifts from Jay and Deborah Last.

    Last for Artists: Jay and Deborah Last Fellowships, 2007-present, from gifts from Jay and Deborah Last.

    Legacy: Legacy Fellowship, 1999-present, from gifts from former fellows and research associates.

    Mellon: Andrew W. Mellon Fellowships, 1973-74, from income on an endowment grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

    Mellon Postdoc.: Mellon Postdoctoral Research Fellowships, 1997-present, from a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

    Mellon Post-Diss.: Mellon Post-Dissertation Fellowship, 1998-present, from a grant from The Andrew W. Mellow Foundation.

    Mellon Dist. Scholar: Mellon Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence, 1998-present, from a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

    Morgan: Richard F. and Virginia P. Morgan Fellowship, 1999-2001, from funds by provided by Richard P. Morgan, of Willoughby, Ohio, in memory of his parents, formerly of Worcester, Massachusetts

    Peterson: Kate B. and Hall J. Peterson Fellowships, 1983-present, from income from an endowment provided by Mr. and Mrs. Hall J. Peterson.

    RA: Research Associates, 1982-present; research associates are scholars (without AAS stipends) holding sabbaticals or other funded fellowships.

    Reese: Reese Fellowships, 1999-present, from funds provided by the William Reese Company, New Haven, Connecticut.

    Rockefeller: Rockefeller Foundation Fellowships, 1973-76 (jointly with Clark University), from funds from the Rockefeller Foundation.

    Sigety: Sigety Family Foundation Fellowship, 2000-present, from gifts made by Charles E. Sigety through the Sigety Family Foundation.

    Tracy: Joyce Tracy Fellowships, 1997-present, from income on an endowment established by family and friends of the Society's longtime curator of newspapers and periodicals.

    U.S. Steel: United States Steel Foundation Fellowships, 1972-73, under funds granted by the United States Steel Foundation.

We believe that the information contained in this directory will be useful to many people who wish to know more about how the collections and programs of AAS have helped advance scholarship. But, even if this directory serves no other purpose, it will at least remind all of those listed in it in the Society's deep and continuing interest in their work and in their whereabouts.

John B. Hench
Vice President for Collections and Programs

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