Harry: The Boy That Did Not Own Himself - A wood engraving that addressed the power of literacy in an antislavery children’s book published by the Boston wing of the American Tract Society (ATS). The Boston members split in 1859 over the New York ATS leadership’s reluctance to address the evil of slavery in its tracts. In a pivotal moment in this little novel that follows Harry from his abduction by slave traders as an infant to his escape to Canada as a young man, Harry asked a white schoolboy to teach him to read a store sign. Thus was Harry launched into the worlds of literacy and freedom.  Harry; The Boy That Did Not Own Himself (Boston: American Tract Society, ca. 1863) [record].

Purchased in 2009 from Peter Masi on the Lapides Fund, established by Linda and Julian Lapides in 1986 to support the acquisition of children’s literature.

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