Summer Seminar in the History of the Book, 2008 - The successful format of the annual summer seminar in the history of the book has been extended with the addition of the CHAViC summer seminars in visual culture. Each draws some twenty matriculants, including graduate students, university faculty, and librarians representing a broad range of interests in the history of print or visual culture. Much of the intensive discussion is based on the Society’s collections. The 2008 history of the book seminar was led by David Paul Nord of Indiana University and John Nerone of the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana (front row, third and fourth from left). Their focus was “Newspapers and the Culture of Print in the New Republic” and they introduced the participants to one of the nation’s leading collections. Paul Erickson (front row, right), director of academic programs at the Society, coordinates this seminar as part of his outreach to the academic community.

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