The Mother's Remarks - The bequest of d’Alté Aldrich Welch of Cleveland, arrived in a rented panel truck, with McCorison at the wheel. McCorison does not claim full responsibility for Welch’s generous act that it had its roots years earlier during the era of Clarence Brigham, who encouraged and guided Welch as he built and analyzed what became the finest private collection of early American children’s books. Welch was a professor of biology at the John Carroll University, where his research and publication focused on a species of Hawaiian tree snails. It has been observed that he examined a children’s book as he did a tree snail. McCorison edited Welch’s bibliography of American children’s literature that appeared in six installments in the Proceedings between April 1963 and October 1967. Welch was tragically murdered in a robbery, which prompted Alden F. Johnson, a member of the Society’s Council and publisher at Barre Press to issue the bibliography in book form. McCorison went to Cleveland to separate the American children’s books for the Society from the English editions that were to go to UCLA. At that time, Welch’s wife and daughters decided to give all Welch’s American editions, numbering about one thousand, to the Society.  In the collection were Welch’s copies of two sets of cuts that make up part of The Mother’s Remarks on a Set of Cuts for Children (Philadelphia: T. S. Manning for Jacob Johnson, 1803). This learning game is extremely scarce. It was packed in a small wooden box and consists of 54 plates of 324 cuts, cards, The hand-colored engraved label, “Douceurs,” missing from the Welch box, was already in the Society’s collections, having been acquired at auction in 1911. [record]

Bequest of d’Alté Aldrich Welch.

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