Mount Hood, painting and engraving - Oregon’s Mount Hood is surrounded by sparsely forested hills. In the foreground is a river running over patches of rocks. Warre wrote on the verso of the watercolor, “Mount Hood from the Banks on the Columbia River March 1846.” and “Mount Hood, looking S. West from des ‘Dalles’ 16,000 ft above the level of the sea is distant – about 40 miles. Having descended the Columbia River for 400 miles through a sandy desert the first trees are here seen scattered on the hillsides.” The lithograph is titled, “Mount Hood Seen over the Dalles.” Gift of Donald McKay Frost. [The digitized Warre collection can be found here]. See also additional pairing in figure 6.7.

The Amerian Antiquarian Society, 1812-2012 - A View at the Bicentennial
A Library So Rich in Material - Brigham, R.W.G. Vail, and Clifford Kenyon Shipton - 1927-1967