The Weekly Rake - “A Street View,” an example of the bawdy illustrations to be found amongst the libelous accounts of city gentlemen’s affairs in the New York flash press of the 1840s. This was one of the categories of newspapers  that Brigham began to collect for the Society. Brigham’s correspondence about newspapers with Thomas O. Mabbott, the scholar and bibliographer of Edgar Allan Poe and Walt Whitman, about early titles in his collection led to the cultivation of the gift of additional scurrilous materials. Detail from The Weekly Rake (New York), vol.1, no. 4, July 8, 1842. [record].

The Amerian Antiquarian Society, 1812-2012 - A View at the Bicentennial
A Library So Rich in Material - Brigham, R.W.G. Vail, and Clifford Kenyon Shipton - 1927-1967