The Booke of Orders - This manuscript is the original book of the minutes of meetings of the Council for New England between May 31, 1622 and June 29, 1623. It is the oldest surviving documentary record relating to all of New England. King James I of England chartered the Council for New England, the reorganized Plymouth branch of the Virginia Company, on November 3, 1620. Its purpose was “the planting, ruling and governing of New England, in America.” The Booke of Orders contains a list of members present and the records entered at the close of each meeting by the clerk.  The orders, in addition to the granting of licenses and patents, concern the apprenticeship of young people and poor children sent to New England, punishments for the contempt of authority, and the control of fishing.

The Booke of Orders [record] Gift of Frederick Lewis Gay, in honor of the centennial of the American Antiquarian Society, 1912.

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