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Capitol of the United States

View:    Capitol of the United States, Washington
Description:    Platter 20.5” x 15.5” in dark blue with border of repetitive rose and leaf medallions. Framing the view is a circular white conventional design. The Capitol Building, with its dome and two wings, is in the background of the view framed by clouds above and large and small trees to the left and right foreground. There are bushes along the left foreground. There is a man on a dark horse and a woman on a white horse facing each other in the center foreground.
Potter: John & William Ridgway, 1814-1830 (Cauldon Place) Hanley
Date: ca. 1825

H. Brown, Illustrator; Joseph Andrews, (1806-1873) Engraver


(Reverse) Printed on back of plate in blue cartouche: (above) BEAUTIES of AMERICA, (within cartouche) CAPITOL. /WASHINGTON. (below cartouche) J & W. RIDGWAY

View Source: The view of the Capitol at Washington was drawn by H. Brown and engraved by Joseph Andrews and published in the American edition of The History and Topography of the United States of North America, Edited by John Howard Hinton, A.M. additions and corrections by Samuel L. Knapp. [Vol. I].  Printed and published by Samuel Walker, Boston, 1834. (AAS: E100 H673 H834 F) The engraving of the United States Capitol is inserted between pages 288-289.
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