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Custom House, Philadelphia


Custom House


Cup Plate 3.5” in dark blue with repetitive rose and leaf medallion border. View on plate is the Philadelphia Custom House in a Greek Revival Style with eight columns on the front of the building with three doors on the portico and three windows on the second story and a pediment. There are houses to the left and right of the building and three dark posts in the foreground. Originally, the building was the Second Bank of the United States and later became the Custom House.

Potter: John & William Ridgway, 1814-1830 (Cauldon Place) Hanley
Date: ca. 1825
Artist: Unknown

Although the cup plate is unmarked, the rose and leaf medallion border is that of John and William Ridgway (modern marking is that of '66')

View Source: The source of the drawing of the Philadelphia Custom House is from Commercial Directory; containing, a Topographical Description, Extent and Production of Different Sections of the Union….Philadelphia: Published by J. C. Kayser & Co. J. Maxwell, printer, 1823. Engraving is inserted between pages 156 and 157.  (Above building) Commercial Information / Relative to  / the / State / of /Pennsylvania. (Below building) .. /United States Bank/ Philadelphia / Published by J.C. Kayser & Co. / 1823.
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