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Boston Hospital (Massachusetts General Hospital)

View:    Massachusetts General Hospital
Description:    Platter, 12.5” x 9” in dark blue with repetitive rose and leaf medallion border and frontal view of the Boston Hospital. Feathery-leaved trees frame the building on the right foreground and left background; a gentleman drives a one-horse chaise in the center. In the left foreground is a ship at anchor on the Charles River. 
Potter: John & William Ridgway, 1814-1830 (Cauldon Place) Hanley
Date: ca. 1825
Artist: John Ritto Penniman (?1782-1841) Illustrator; Abel Bowen, 1790-1850 Engraver

Printed in blue verso of platter above cartouche: BEAUTIES of AMERICA, (within cartouche): HOSPITAL/BOSTON, (below cartouche): J & W RIDGWAY

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The engraving of the Massachusetts General Hospital by Abel Bowen was after a drawing by John Ritto Penniman published in Caleb Snow’s A History of Boston, the Metropolis of Massachusetts, from its Origin to the Present Period; with Some Accounts of the Environs. Boston: Published by Abel Bowen, No. 2, Congress-Square, Congress-Street, 1825. (inscribed below engraving to left) “J.R. Penniman, del. (center) “Entered according to Act of Congress by A. Bowen (to right) A. Bowen Sc.” /MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL (AAS: LML.Bost. Snow. H824, facing page 262.)

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