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Boston Alms House

View:    Alms-House, Leverett Street

Soup tureen in dark blue with repetitive rose and leaf medallion border around the inside rim. There is a conventional leaf pattern around the outside rim. Handles are shell-shaped and colored in a solid, dark cobalt blue. A close-up view of the Boston Alms House on the front and reverse of the body of the tureen is set off by clouds and feathery-leaved trees to the right and left of the building. Cover: Repetitive rose and leaf medallion border with cut-out for soup ladle.  Handle in the center of the cover appears to be a leaf colored in a dark cobalt blue. The Harvard University view, framed by two feathery-leaved trees, represents half of Davis’ drawing.

Potter: John & William Ridgway, 1814-1830 (Cauldon Place) Hanley
Date: ca. 1825
Artist: (Soup Tureen) Abel Bowen (1790-1850) Illustrator and Engraver;  (Cover) Alexander Jackson Davis (1803-1892) Illustrator, Denison Kimberly 1814-1863, Engraver

Soup Tureen: (On Bottom) Stamped in blue on center of tureen (above cartouche): “BEAUTIES of AMERICA”, (within cartouche): “ALMS HOUSE/BOSTON.” (below cartouche): “J & W RIDGWAY” Cover: (on reverse) stamped in blue above cartouche: “BEAUTIES OF AMERICA”,  (within cartouche) “CAMBRIDGE COLLEGE/MASSACHUSETTS.” (below cartouche) “J & W RIDGWAY”.

View Source: The view of the Boston Almshouse drawn and engraved by Abel Bowen was published in Caleb Snow’s A History of Boston, the Metropolis of Massachusetts, from its Origin to the Present Period; with some Account of the Environs, Boston, 1825. The engraving faces page 52. (AAS: LML Bost Snow H824). The drawing of Harvard University was published in John Howard’s The History and Topography of the United States of North America, A new and improved edition, with additions and corrections, by Samuel L. Knapp./ … Illustrated with numerous engravings. [Vol. I]. Printed and published by Samuel Walker, Boston, 1834. The engraving is inserted between pages 144-145 (AAS: E100 H673 H834 F).
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