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New Boston State House built on Beacon Hill in 1795

View:    New State House

Sauce Boat in dark blue with a dentil-style border around the spout and rim. Medallions of roses are found on the bottom interior of the sauceboat and on the top of the handle.  A close-up view of the Boston State House is set off by cumulous clouds and feathery-leaved trees to the right and left of the building on both sides of the sauceboat which results in the appearance of two trees under the spout.

Potter: John & William Ridgway, 1814-1830 (Cauldon Place) Hanley
Date: ca. 1825

Nathaniel Dearborn (1786-1852) Illustrator; Abel Bowen (1790-1850) Engraver


(On Reverse) Stamped in blue in center of sauceboat above cartouche: “BEAUTIES of AMERICA”, (within cartouche): “STATE HOUSE./BOSTON.” (below cartouche): “J & W RIDGWAY”

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Engraved by Abel Bowen (after Nathaniel Dearborn), printed by Henry Bowen, and published by Charles Shaw in 1817 in A Topographical and Historical Description of Boston (AAS: Dated Books Collection).

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