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Name:  Boston Athenaeum
View:    Atheneum
Description:    Plate, 6” in dark blue with repetitive rose and leaf medallion border. The left side and front of the Boston Athenaeum is depicted with stairs leading to a central portico entrance and three stories with two chimneys. The building is complemented by a feathery-leaved tree on the right and smaller trees on the left. There are two figures in the front of the building and four posts in the foreground of a cobblestone street. The building, located on Pearl Street, was donated to the organization in December of 1821 by James Perkins. An adjoining house from the Cochran estate was bought by the organization to complete the building.
Potter: John & William Ridgway, 1814-1830 (Cauldon Place) Hanley
Date: ca. 1825
Artist: Abel Bowen (1790-1850) Artist and Engraver      
Marks: Printed on back of plate in blue cartouche: (above) BEAUTIES of AMERICA, (within cartouche) ATHENEUM/BOSTON (below cartouche) J & W RIDGWAY. 
View Source: The view transferred onto the plate by Ridgway’s potters was published as an engraving facing page 192 in Bowen’s Bowen’s Picture of Boston...Boston: Abel Bowen, 1829. (AAS: LML Bost Bowe B829)
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