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Eleanor Grace Goddard Daniels and Marion Williams Goddard


Eleanor Goddard portrait





ELEANOR GRACE GODDARD DANIELS (1889-1981) c.1912 (?)
Mary L. Cheney (1875-1977)
Oil on canvas
33 ½ x 28 ½"; 85.1 x 71.5 cm. (framed)
Hewes #56

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MARION WILLIAMS GODDARD (1893-1918), c. 1912
Mary L. Cheney (1875-1977)
Oil on canvas
33 x 28"; 83.8 x 71.1 cm.
Hewes #59

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Marion Goddard portrait



Sisters Eleanor and Marion Goddard were each painted by artist Mary L. Cheney. Eleanor Goddard was the elder of the two daughters of Harry and G. Grace Goddard. Born in Spencer in 1889, she moved to Worcester as a small child and attended Worcester public schools. One of her high school teachers encouraged her to consider going on to college, which she did, graduating from Smith College in 1911. There, she kept a scrapbook in which she saved a record of her busy social life. On June 2, 1915, she married F. Harold Daniels, who had also grown up in the Salisbury Street neighborhood. They had two children, Eleanor and Bruce.

In Worcester, Eleanor Goddard Daniels was a member of the Second Church of Christ, Scientist, Center for Crafts, Friends of the Public Library, Tatnuck Country Club, Worcester Club, Woman's Club, Citizens Plan E Association, Higgins Armory Museum, Salisbury Mansion Association, Worcester County Horticultural Society, Worcester County Music Association, Worcester Children's Friend Society, Worcester Garden Club, Preservation Worcester, and Mechanics Association. She was a benefactor of AAS, Clark University, the Home for Aged Men (Goddard House), Smith College, Worcester Academy, Worcester Art Museum, Homestead Hall, and Worcester Polytechnic Society. She was a director of Faith House, a trustee of Old Sturbridge Village, and a member of the National Board of the Worcester Area Council of Camp Fire Girls. She received the Wohelo award from the Camp Fire Girls in 1943. She also donated 500 acres of marshland on Petit Manon Point in Steuben, Maine, to the state of Maine to be used as a waterfowl management area.

Her husband was elected to the American Antiquarian Society in 1956 and served on the Council from 1959 until his death in 1967. Several years afterwards, Mrs. Daniels made arrangements to deed the home at 190 Salisbury Street to the Society. The benefits of the 1981 acquisition of the home have been far-reaching, particularly in the augmentation of the Society's departments of outreach and scholarly programs, and in its fellowship program, which is noted for its collegiality. The house's history is well-remembered, and many people still recall seeing Mrs. Daniels walking around the neighborhood, even on cold days, bundled up in a warm coat.

Eleanor's younger sister, Marion Goddard, was not quite twenty-five years of age when she died on board the ship, City of Athens in 1918, en route from Savannah, Georgia, to New York. Her health had always been delicate and she was returning from the South where she had spent the winter. Her niece, Eleanor Daniels Bronson Hodge, who was very young at Marion's death, recalled that she prized an elegant doll with a hand-painted head, had a beloved dog named Bunty, and collected pink lusterware.

Born in Chautauqua, New York, Mary Langdon Cheney was active in the early twentieth century. In addition to the Goddard portraits, one of her nephew, Langdon Shervee, also dates from 1912. (1) Listed as a portrait painter in New York City in 1920, Cheney exhibited works, including miniature paintings, at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. By 1930, she resided in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, where she was associated with a photography portrait studio operated by her sister Katherina and her two sons, Curtis and Langdon, and subsequently the Shervee Art Studio in Wrocester. Cheney was also a member of the art colony in Warwick, Rhode Island. (2)

Eleanor Grace Goddard Daniels Marion Williams Goddard


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