The riding dress shown in figure 8 (of figure 47 pictured right ) is very similar to the costume worn by the minstrel show character Zip Coon, as represented on the sheet music cover Zip Coon: A Famous Comic Song, copyrighted in New York in 1834 by the lithographers Endicott & Swett. The illustration depicts the white performer, G. W. Dixon, in blackface, wearing the costume of a dandy, complete with stick pin, quizzing glass, and four large fobs at his waist. Allowing for extra embellishments and some exaggeration in the style, the minstrel show costume is remarkably similar to the fashion plate, particularly the coat tails, the stirrup trousers, and the tapering crown of the top hat. The landscape setting is also borrowed or shared, as both figures stand on a plateau ringed by mountains and trees.  As previously seen in the Grand Bobalition broadside, black men adopting the ways of prosperous whites were often subjected to ridicule.

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