In popular prints, high fashion, always a topic of interest, was approached in various ways.  Periodicals such as Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion treated the subject seriously, offering instruction and advice through fashion plates with accompanying descriptions. But high fashion was also a target of humor, and it often featured in racial and social satire. Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion for the winter of 1833-1834, contains a hand-colored, fold-out, lithograph of the latest male fashions.  Figures 5 through 8 present the latest styles for outdoor activities. Figure 5 presents morning dress composed of a great (or outer) coat, worn over an afternoon coat with a waistcoat (or vest) beneath.  The trousers fit tight around the hips. Figure 6 shows a less protective morning costume consisting of a frock coat with velvet trim worn over a waistcoat and wide striped trousers. Figure 7 suggests for walking a French-style morning coat worn with bias-cut cord trousers with silk braid on the seams. Figure 8 shows a riding outfit featuring a morning frock coat with full skirts and a flowing collar, worn over a waistcoat. The trousers fit tightly through the hips and have straps that fit under the boots. All of the men wear or carry top hats and gloves. 

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