The membership certificate of the New Hampshire Mechanic Association, issued to David Jenkins, a shipwright of Portsmouth, who was admitted on October 6, 1840, has a strong graphic design representing the aims of the association and the occupations of its members.  An American eagle, perched atop a balance beam, holds a ribbon banner with the motto “BE JUST AND FEAR NOT.” This is a guide to behavior. At the bottom of the certificate, symbolic figures of Hope, with her anchor, Faith, wearing a cross, and Charity, surround the red wax seal of the association.  At the lower right a weeping willow shades an urn sacred to the memory of Benjamin Franklin, considered the father of American mechanics. Conventional symbols, such as the beehive of industry and the cornucopia of plenty, are interspersed with tools of various trades.  The scene at the lower left shows shipwrights at work.

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