Associations were an important aspect of the working world. Organized primarily on the basis of occupation, men formed groups for the purpose of advocacy and education. Trade associations were concerned with the regulation of training and standards of workmanship, as well as the improvement of working conditions and pay. Associations also provide financial support to members and their families in the event of illness, injury or death. The larger, more prosperous, organizations held fairs to display products and awarded prizes to the best examples. To recognize membership and awards, associations commissioned engravers to design elaborately illustrated certificates that combine symbolic imagery with idealized or generalized figures - or types - representative of the membership, and, by extension, the individual recipient of the certificate...

Figure 31.
New Hampshire

Figure 32.
Middlesex Society of Husbandmen...

Figure 33.
Salem Marine Society

Figure 34.
Firemen of the City
of New York

Figure 35.
Morning Star Lodge...

Figures 36.
Morning Star Lodge...

Figure 37.

Figure 38.
Grand Bobalition


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