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David Claypoole Johnston

Johnston's Five States of Marker and Sleeper


One remarkable aspect of the Johnston Collection is a group of progressive proofs that are titled as the five states of Marker and Sleeper or Sound Asleep & Wide Awake. Each state of engraving shows an increased progression of detail through the fifth state, which is the most detailed and final state. It is very unusual to have a series of working proofs such as this all together in one collection. Shown here is the original 1855 transfer drawing. Click to enlarge.



Marker and Sleeper State 1

State 1


State 2


State 3


State 4


State 5




This is the 1855 watercolor version. There is a man standing behind a box to the left rather than to the right. Also, the posters on the wall are missing, and are instead replaced with a window frame and brick. Click to enlarge.


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