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David Claypoole Johnston

Collection Inventory

Box 8: Pencil Sketches

Folder 1 A Grave Mistake
Folder 2 A Grave Mistake - No. 2
Folder 3 Metamorphosis, original sketch, man in top hat
Folder 4 Metamorphosis, transfer drawing, man in top hat
Folder 5 Metamorphosis, man in uniform with soldier's hat
Folder 6 Dominie Sampson and Meg Merriles [1832] [see photo of dream by DCJ]
Folder 7 The Dorr Rebellion - transfer drawing
Folder 8 [man with stick standing behind unsuspecting seated man]
Folder 9 [costumed male showing fabric (?) to three females] - transfer drawing.
Folder 10 Col. Jno. Pluck of the Bloody 84th reg. of Penn. Militia [1825]
Folder 11 [man with pipe]
Folder 12 [blind-man's buff]
Folder 13 [man with scythe] - sketch of another man on reverse side
Folder 14 [two men, raised fist] - reverse side includes poem and sketches
Folder 15 Jeff Davis picking the [?] lion's ear with a tuft of cotton.
Folder 16 [The Winter Sermon for Christmas and the New Year - Boston, 1856] figure   praying in prison cell, No. 8 - transfer drawing
Folder 17 The Winter Sermon for Christmas and the New Year - Boston, 1856] sketch
Folder 18 [The Winter Sermon for Christmas and the New Year - Boston, 1856] family   scene in living room
Folder 19 Uncle Sam dissatisfied with his last basket of potatoes
Folder 20 Don Quixote
Folder 21 4 sketches for Don Quixote - nos. 1, 8, 9 & 12, purchase from Mary E.   Donovan, Sept. 2, 1944
Folder 22 4 sketches for Don Quixote - nos. 3, 4, 7 & 10, purchase from Mary E.   Donovan, Sept. 2, 1944
Folder 23 2 sketches: Don Quixote -{pen} Don Quixote attack on the lion - cartoon of   Jackson and Dan Webster - {pencil} purchase from Mary E. Donovan, Sept. 2, 1944
Folder 24 [soldier with sword and fat man smoking pipe while sitting on barrel] sketch, Don   Quixote attacks the lion, engraving, and [male figure holding stick] engraving
Folder 25 Jackson made an L.L.D. - No. 2 - transfer drawing
Folder 26 [man with donkey] No. 5 - transfer drawing
Folder 27 Mischief afoot
Folder 28 The artist at a stand still [1836]
Folder 29 [preliminary sketch - family scene]
Folder 30 Going to school in 1858; going to school in 1828
Folder 31 untitled sketch of landscape with building
Folder 32 [sketch for Abolition Blunderbuss]
Folder 33 Gov. Andrew pugging the Parker gun in patriotic agony [1861] [study for the   "Abolition Blunderbuss"] [notations on reverse side]
Folder 34 The Republican Candidate's Dream [1847-48]
Folder 35 bust of unidentified person
Folder 36 Daguerreotypist and customers [1850]
Folder 37 Temperance sketch after George Cruikshank's "The Gin Juggernath [sic]".
  1835 - transfer drawing
Folder 38 [Last print in House that Jeff Built] reverse side includes sign reading "slaves at   auction"
Folder 39 [Eng and Chang Bunker]
Folder 40 [sketch for Emmons portrait, 1826] - sketches on reverse side
Folder 41 First trace figures nos. 1 & 2 - At two tables [ notations on reverse side]
Folder 42 [Bill Collector ?]
Folder 43 Symptoms of a locked jaw - Clay and Jackson
Folder 44 A Type of the Coming Election [1864?]
  [sentiments expressed by this hybrid group indicate that the election was that of 1864]
Folder 45 [crowd scene with three elevated figures] [address notation on reverse side]
Folder 46 Eliza Crossing the Ice
Folder 47 [landscape with archway]
Folder 48 [cobbler selling used shoes]
Folder 49 [landscape with trees and building]
Folder 50 [landscape with tree and gate]
Folder 51 [landscape with downed tree and figure of man in foreground]
Folder 52 [sketch for D. C. Johnston Teacher sign] [drawings and notations on reverse side]
Folder 53 Tap Room Scene, gift of Mrs. Donovan, April 27, 1934
Folder 54 [preliminary sketch for dining room scene]
Folder 55 [family scene at dinner table] - transfer drawing
Folder 56 [preliminary sketch for family scene at dinner table]
Folder 57 Convent inspection. Original transfer drawings for The Convent Committee,   lithograph. See Box 5, folder 1, #19.
Folder 58 Transfer drawing of male figure from Massachusetts Baby Show, political cartoon
Folder 59 A Charm for the Slavocracy - or Shakespeare improved [1856] See incantation   scene in Macbeth, Study for A Pro-Slavery Incantation Scene, [see Democratic Incantation   Scene -combination pencil and chalk]
Folder 60 Democratic Incantation Scene [1856] [combination pencil and chalk] Study for a   Pro-Slavery Incantation Scene
Folder 61 Shakespearean scene - Falstaff [184-?]
Folder 62 Use of the lead pencil as taught by D. C. Johnston [landscape scene]
Folder 63 Sketches for Winter Sermon 1856 [combination pencil and chalk - for Christmas   and the New Year - Boston]
Folder 64 A Winter Sermon for Christmas and New Year [cover design - combination   pencil and chalk
Folder 65 Fruit Seller of the Old South [combination pencil and chalk - see Box 3 #19]
Folder 66 study for engraving of unidentified man
Folder 67 sketch for cover of "American Comic Annual' 1830 see engraving Box 6 Folder   1.46



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