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David Claypoole Johnston

Collection Inventory

Box 7: Folio Lithographs, Engravings, Etchings, and Serials Clippings

Folder 1 Mr. Mathews At Home in the Diligence Hand colored engraving
Folder 2 Miss E. Tree As Julia
Folder 3 Washington Allston [New Mirror, New York, 1843] Three copies
Folder 4 Dickens and the "Artist in Boots" [proof - No. 3 of The Pioneer, March 1843]
Folder 5 The Place of Professor Cary's Nativity, Paulers-Pury Northhamptonshire [Thomas   Smith and John Choules, "The Origin and History of Missions" Boston, 1832]
Folder 6 Merrimack Prints - Lowell, Mass.
Folder 7 The Glorious Adventures of Tom Stapleton; Done Into Thirty-Two Stanzas Of   Superlative Verse, By A Goodfellow. With A Goodly Number Of Illustrations.
  Eleven Scenes: Mary Anson Before The Justice; Mary Anson At Mrs. Gallanan's; O'Hara's   Treat; The Fire Alarm; Mons. Lavar Dying Of Starvation; Stapleton Rescuing Lucy   Livingston From The Dog; The Crockery Scene; Count Delauney In The Box; An Upper   And Lower Crust Loafer; Loafer's Hall; Tom Introduced To Lady Cicilia Manners
Folder 8 The Glorious Adventures of Tom Stapleton - cont., Twelve Scenes: Delauney in   Stapleton's Apartment; Delauney Prevented From Shooting Lady Cecilia; Fitz Roy Passing   Himself For Stapleton; Tom In The Wrong Room; Flora Willoughby's Servant Man; Love   In A Tempest; O'Hara Turned Magician; Love in A Ball Room; Count Delauny Popping   The Question; An Election Breeze; An Election Argument; Music Hath Charms To Soothe   The Savage Breast
Folder 9 Three items: The Fruit Seller Of The Old South {including article [from Boston   Notion, May 20, 1843] one copy of the print; The Fruiterer At The Old South Church, In   Washington Street [Boston Notion, June 10, 1841]
Folder 10 Series Of Comical Designs, Executed For The Boston Notion by D. C. Johnston,   The Cruikshank Of The New World
  Five Scenes: Domestic Economy; Friends Dropping Off; The Bearer's Noose May Be   Depended On; Pot Valiant; An Anti-Tee-Total Trio Taking A Parting "Drop"; Boston   Notion [April 10, 1841]
Folder 11 Scraps by Johnston, [Boston Notion, June 10, 1841], Ready for the next Dance;   Lock on the Understanding; Slippery Times; Gone past reforming; Pot Valiant, Bar   Practice; Taking Himself Off
Folder 12 Series of Comical Designs, Executed Expressly For The Boston Notion, by D.C.   Johnston, The Cruikshank of the New World
  Six scenes: Antique Design; Hobson's Choice; Bar Practice; Severe Spoon Exercise;   Taking Himself Off; Splendid Harrison Bawl
Folder 13 The Lords Spiritual and Temporal [Boston Notion] Saturday, August 20, 1842
Folder 14 "Distribution of the Spoils" [Boston Notion] Saturday, August 27, 1842
Folder 15 A New Novel By Captain Marryatt [Boston Notion, April 10, 1841]
Folder 16 Brother Jonathan masthead, Feb. 22, 1843
Folder 17 Boston Notion masthead, June 20, 1840
Folder 18 Boston Notion masthead, May 1, 1841
Folder 19 Boston Notion masthead, May 20, 1843
Folder 20 Unidentified portrait, ca. 1850, [Edwin Forrest?], lithograph
Folder 21 A Proslavery Incantation Scene, or Shakespeare Improved, lithograph
Folder 22 Mr. Johnson as Crack, lithograph
Folder 23 Mr. Johnson as Crack, matted lithograph



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