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Box 6: Lithographs, Engravings, and Etchings

Folder 1 hand colored engraving for The Boston Notion [May 1841] No. 11 - "Fully   Equipped For A May Training"
Folder 2 "The first productions of David C. Johnston commencing March of 1815"
  2 small etchings - 1815: No. 1 [a young lady] dated March 12, No. 2 [two ships off shore]   dated March 15
Folder 3 Three copies of "The Gentleman With Green Glasses" published by True & Greene   Boston [1828], See Box 5, Folder 1 #18 for pencil sketch
Folder 4 engraving of unidentified man holding knife and decapitated turtle on table top. See   study for engraving - Box 8, Folder 66
Folder 5 certificate of membership in the Massachusetts Washington Total Abstinence   Society Formed May 27th 1842
Folder 6 Temperance Societe sign with two musicians, four figures dancing, and devil with   three onlookers [French? Used by Johnston]
Folder 7 [Temperance sheep] cartoon - sheep with human faces being marked with black   ink by man holding Patriot newspaper - two figures observing in the background.
Folder 8 [Moral Guide] wealthy man holding book entitled "Moral Guide", standing in front   of book store, speaking to poor man kneeling before him
Folder 9 four political cartoons: "House with Henry Clay Pres."
  "Whig Platform 1852" [Whip and Spur, Sept. 11, 1852] crowd scene [Whip and Spur   Nov. 23, 1840] uniformed man with whip and spur driving crowd over edge of cliff [Whip   and Spur, Newport, N.H. 1839]
Folder 10 [Charity, Morality, Religion] blind-folded man about to be struck with hammer by   man in top hat - open closet showing skeletons inside.
Folder 11 etching in three sections: center section shows small sailboat with seven figures in   rough seas; left section shows well dressed man looking through monocle; right section   shows sea creature with figures falling from open mouth.
Folder 12 three etchings: bust of man with hat "From a head by G. Cruikshank"
  laughing man in street in front of sign advertising "Theatre - The Rivals - Right & Wrong"   three men in dining room, drinking in celebration
Folder 13 Young Goodrich The Tyro: 3 copies and one unfinished draft
Folder 14 four African-American boot shiners
Folder 15 [proof for plates in "Daw's Doings" by Samuel Kettell. Boston, 1842] four scenes
Folder 16 four etchings: No. 575 $2 [four figures outdoors, beneath tree], No. 576 87 cts.   "Jefferson," No. 577 550 cts. [name plate], No. 578 62 cts. [tiger]
Folder 17 Harper's New Monthly Magazine [Feb. 1856] Vol. XII. - No. 69
  "Valentines delivered in our Street" - eight etchings each side of sheet
Folder 18 [Protection] political cartoon of loyalist seeking protection from British soldiers
Folder 19 ]three etchings]: donkey entering room full of startled men horrified man dressed   for sleep with spur on naked foot two men relaxing with feet up in dining room as servant   brings in tray of drinks
Folder 20 ]three men fishing] on river bank arguing over fish labeled as states of the Union,   political cartoon
Folder 21 [Boston Monthly Magazine June 1825] "Drawn & Eng. By D.C. Johnston from a   Portrait by Stuart," "Rt. Rev. John Cheverus Bishop of Montauban Formerly Bishop of   Boston"
Folder 22 "Edward Young D.D."
Folder 23 bust of man wearing head band and wreath
Folder 24 "Williams Oculist to the King of France"
Folder 25 [proof of Homer]
Folder 26 "Penmanship" with envelope addressed to Mr. Wm. P. Johnston at No. 81   Lombard St. in Philadelphia, Penn.
Folder 27 coat of arms and three scenes on two sheets - [plates from Laughton Osborne's   "Vision of Rubeta" Boston 1838]
Folder 28 hand colored engraving - political cartoon coat of arms "Honi Soit Qui Mal y   Pense or Bad-luck to them that think Harm of these Things."
Folder 29 [J.R. Peabody The World of Wonders Boston 1838]
  "Published by Robert S. Davis Boston" "Catalepsy", "Finding the Jewel", " Science of Life",   "Free Enquiry", "The County Committee", "Post v.s. Atlas {Tremont House}" "A Lunar   Locomotive" and "Vegetable Pigs"
Folder 30 [proof sheet for "Daw's Doings"]
  "I am ashamed of you sir. Ashamed of me? Why I am not ashamed of you", "Hopper Paul,   and his Choir", "Benoni Burdock was a bitter man", "Finding the Jewel" - see #29
Folder 31 Frontispiece and three scenes from "Charcoal Sketches" by J.C. Neal [1838]
Folder 32 four scenes from "Charcoal Sketches" by J.C. Neal, 1838 [proof sheet]
Folder 33 Dickens and the "Artist in Boot's"
Folder 34 Great Locofoco Juggernaut. A New Console-A-Tory Sub-Treasury Rag-Monster   Engraved by the Locofoco Shinplaster Engraving Company [1838?]
Folder 35 Great Locofoco Juggernaut. A New Console-A-Tory Sub-Treasury
  Rag-Monster[1838?] [proof before imprint]
Folder 36 Great Locofoco Juggernaut. A New Console-A-Tory Sub-Treasury
Folder 37 Mrs. Morris [1825] matted - see water color Box 1 Folder 23 and copy titled   Mrs. Moris
Folder 38 Hopkins and Guy - matted [Galaxy of Wit - Boston 1826]
Folder 39 Illustrations Of The Adventures & Achievements Of The Renowned Don   Quixote & His Doughty Squire Sancho Panza Hand colored
Folder 40 Exhibition Of Cabinet Pictures, copy 1
Folder 41 Exhibition Of Cabinet Pictures, copy 2
Folder 42 The House That Jeff Built, copy 1
Folder 43 The House That Jeff Built, copy 2
Folder 44 El Gobernador Sanchio y el Doctor Pedro Riao de Aguero
  [from Cervantes' "Don Quixote" {in Spanish} Boston 1836] Manteamiento de Sancho   Panza [from Cervantes' Don Quixote" {in Spanish} Boston 1836]
Folder 45 two proofs from "American Comic Annual" Boston [1831] The Water Drinker   and Fate of Genius
Folder 46 designs for the "Comic Annual" cover 1830
Folder 47 untitled engraving from copper plate
Folder 48 Yankee Notions - Boston 1838, "An army of doctors are upon me" - two copies,   "Benoni Burdock was a bitter man" - two copies, Hopper Paul, and his Choir - two copies,   "I am ashamed of you sir." "Ashamed of me? Why I am not ashamed of you." - two copies,   Explosion of the pot of apples - one copy, "Twas nothing more, by these old shoes, Than   the constable a snoring." - one copy
Folder 49 works given to D.C. Johnston by students and/or friends



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