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David Claypoole Johnston

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Box 5: Chalk, and Pen and Wash Drawings

Folder 1 Pen and Wash Drawings
#1 Outdoor Gymnasium Study for "Gymnastics" [1826]
#2 An accidental but a candid confession [1819] A sequel to "A Militia Muster" [1819]
#3 [family scene at dinner table - pencil sketches on reverse side]
#4 Home Drinking Scene [family scene at dinner table]
#5 Study for "A Foot-Race" [1824] Jackson Cartoon
#6 [Anti-masonic cartoon. Election of 1832] [1832]
#7 The Pledge [used on membership certificate of the Massachusetts Washington Total   Abstinence Society]
#8 Historical Prints
#9 Study for "The Galaxy of Wit" - 1827 [notations on reverse side]
#10 [possibly a design for a trade card]
#11 [Jefferson cartoon]
#12 [Cartoon, no title] [182-?]
#13 Peter Rugg [182-?]
#14 No Secret Societies [Anti-masonic cartoon. Election of 1832] [1832] [Used as cover   design for the Corner-stone march, by Charles Zeuner, with title:Antimasonic Convention at   Valdimor.] See similar sketch [#6] finished same title - Electon of 1832. Anti-masonic   element.
#15 A Meeting of the Free and Independent Wood Sawyers, Boot Cleaners, Chimney   Sweepers, Porters. Philad. [1819]
#16 4 sketches: The Maid of the Boarding House, The Mistress of the Boarding House,   Waitiing the Result of the Verdict - Colts Trial, The Schoolboy [combination pen and   pencil]
#17 [group of three - including written material]
#18 [Sketch for "Gentleman with Green Spectacles". The Memorial 1828.]
#19 Convent Inspection. Pen drawings for The Convent Committee, lithograph.
  See Box 8, folder 57.

Folder 2 Chalk
#1 D. C. Johnston at work, by Tom M. Johnston
#2 Six O'clock in the Morning [185-?]
#3 [Fat man yawning] charcoal sketch on blue paper [183-?]
#4 Daniel Webster, charcoal portrait, [1831]



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