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David Claypoole Johnston

Collection Inventory

Box 3: Matted Watercolors 14-22

#14 A Grave Mistake [183-?]
#15 Swarming Bees - 1831, Lent to Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City for   Exhibition - A History of American Water Color Painting, January 27 - February 25, 1942
#16 Landscape with mountains [184?]
#17 Taproom Scene [184-?]
#18 Sound Asleep & Wide Awake [Marker & Sleeper] [1855]
#19 Ginger Beer Stall [Printed in Boston Notion, May 20, 1843, Edward Leonard, Print   Seller of the Old South]
#20 Great Expectations [Water color mounted on sheet with charcoal drawings of classical
  Profiles] [1858], Signed: D. C. Johnston, teacher of drawing and painting, at 460   Washington St.
#21 View of lake
#22 View of lake



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