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David Claypoole Johnston

Collection Inventory

Box 11: Slavery Volumes, Miscellaneous Information

Folder 1 Outlines Illustrative of the Journal of F******A***K*****, Boston, 1835
Folder 2 Miscellaneous Published Articles on Johnston's Art
Folder 3 Miscellaneous facsimilies and published prints
  #1 Engraved illustration from John Harris "Mammon" Boston 1837
  #2 "Slaves at Auction" drawing printed in magazine article about slavery dated June 6, 1967
  #3 Meg Meriles and Dominie Sampson photo of dream
  #4 A Pair of Champions Covered with Glory facsimile copy of sketch
  #5 Conversations on Common Things; or, Guide to Knowledge, with Questions. Boston:
  1826, photocopy
  #6 [version of a militia muster] copy of proof of print from "History of Berlin" by William A.
  Houghton -1895 - on page 141
  #7 Matthew's Militia Muster Folk, New York Invincibles, photocopy
  #8 Copyright issue for A Militia Drill Thirty Years Ago, dated Nov. 6, 1862 by the District
  Clerk's Office, Boston Massachusetts
  #9 Boston. A New Method of Macaroni Making As Practiced at Boston.
  #10 Facsimilie of "Panacea Mania"

2 copies of Slavery (Voluntary) As It Exists North, South, East, and West
one copy of original drawings and one copy of published drawings



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