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David Claypoole Johnston

Collection Inventory

Box 10: Printing Plates and Blocks, Miscellaneous Items

 Folder 1 Engraved copper plate for calling card
 Folder 2 Woodblock "Showman- Taking a peep in a Magical Showbox
 Folder 3 Galexy of Wit, 1830
 Folder 4 Miscellaneous Title Pages
 Folder 5 Miscellaneous Trade Cards
 Folder 6 Miscellaneous Portrait Illustrations
 Folder 7 Portraits of D.C. Johnston by other artists
 Folder 8 Cartoon Envelopes; Metamorphoses
 Folder 9 Copy of Sketches from Aurora Borealis
 Folder 10 D.C. Johnston's Reading Glasses
 Folder 11 Uncut woodblock with design
 Folder 12 Copper plate for Great Locofoco Juggernaut

Several copper plates used to engrave pages from Scraps



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