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The Details:

Sandwich Island Gazette and Journal of Commerce.Honolulu, July 30, 1836. [catalog record]

John Smith Emerson. O ke kumumua na na kamalii... [First Lessons for Children] Second edition. Oahu: Mission Press, 1837. [catalog record]

Both gift of James Melville Hunnewell, 1942, 1949.

The Story:

James M. Hunnewell presented AAS with much rare Hawaiiana, including a nearly complete run of the Sandwich Island Gazette, the first English-language Hawaiian newspaper. Bostonian Stephen Mackintosh established a press at the Honolulu Catholic mission in 1836.  Unusual for its opposition to the government and the powerful Protestant missionaries, the Gazette treaded carefully through Hawaiian politics. Thanks in large part to the Hunnewell family, AAS also possesses a superb collection of over 70 Mission Press titles from the island of Oahu, including this Hawaiian-language primer. The volume uses mostly stock illustrations imported from the United States, but some images—like those of a canoe, a man, and island hills—were cut locally.

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