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The Details:

Thomas J. Dimsdale. The Vigilantes of Montana, or Popular Justice in the Rocky Mountains … Virginia City, Montana Territory: Montana Post Press, D.W. Tilton & Co., 1866. [catalog record]

Now Completed and for Sale! An Impartial and Correct History of the Vigilantes of Montana Territory! … D.W. Tilton & Co., 1866. [catalog record]

Gift of Donald McKay Frost, 1947.

The Story:

Among Donald McKay Frost’s gifts to AAS were some of the earliest Montana imprints. One was Thomas J. Dimsdale’s classic account of lawlessness in Montana’s frontier towns and of the vigilantes who cleaned them up. This lively narrative initially was serialized in the Montana Post.

The spectacular advertising broadside for the book is printed in red and blue, employing thirteen different wood and metal typefaces. Fittingly for a gold rush town, copies of The Vigilantes of Montana were priced at $2.25 in “Greenbacks” or discounted to $2.00 if purchased with gold dust.

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