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The Details:

Stan. V. Henkels. Catalogue no. 1116. Valuable Americana … of the Late Hon. Garret D. W. Vroom … to be Sold … Oct. 15 & 16, 1914Philadelphia: Stan. V. Henkels, 1914.

Partial gift of William J. Campbell, 1931.

The Story:

Bookseller William J. Campbell served as AAS’s agent at Philadelphia auctions, and eventually sold AAS his virtually complete run of Stan. V. Henkels catalogues.  Campbell’s annotated catalogues document the role of the auction agent.

In this 1914 sale, Campbell acted as agent for a dozen collectors, institutions, and dealers.  Campbell listed clients mostly under code names -- western Americana collector Henry Raup Wagner was “Arkansas,” bookseller P. K. Foley was “Vermont,” AAS was simply “Antiquarian.”

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