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The Details:

Samuel Cheever. An Almanac for the Year of our Lord 1661Cambridge, Massachusetts: Samuel Green and Marmaduke Johnson, 1661. [catalog record]

Leonard Hoar. The Sting of Death and Death Unstung, Delivered in Two Sermons… Boston: John Foster, 1680. [catalog record]

Both gift of the estate of George F. Hoar, 1961.

The Story:

Among the nearly one thousand items acquired from the George F. Hoar library were these two important seventeenth century imprints.  The 1661 almanac is one of two recorded copies. It contains an essay discussing the new Copernican theory, evidence for the dissemination of astronomical theories throughout New England.

The Sting of Death, printed on the press of John Foster in Boston, includes the text of two sermons preached by one of Hoar’s eminent ancestors. Hoar secured this rare copy at the first Brinley sale in 1879 for $45.

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