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The Details:

Letter. David D. Hall to Marcus A. McCorison, July 14, 1982. AAS Archives.

David D. Hall, ed. A History of the Book in America. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press & American Antiquarian Society, 2000; University of North Carolina Press & American Antiquarian Society, 2007-2010. 5 vols.

The Story:

Of the many scholarly activities at AAS perhaps the most influential has been the Program in the History of the Book in American Culture (PHBAC). Started in 1983, PHBAC sponsors conferences, seminars, and lecture series and, starting in 2000, issued the five-volume A History of the Book in America. Scholar David Hall broached the idea of the set with AAS in 1982. The finished volumes contain over 3,250 pages written by more than a hundred contributors.

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