Color Trends, 1876

Color Trends, 1876

Leggett & Brother Patent Sample Card, New York, 1876. Worcester: Charles Hamilton, 1859.

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This sample sheet of tints that could be added to whitewash, also known as kalsomine, was issued by a New York dye and tint firm. This affordable substance (slaked lime + chalk + glue = whitewash) was used inside and out to freshen up homes, farm buildings, businesses and (in the case of Tom Sawyer) fences. Tinting whitewash was also relatively inexpensive and colors were sold powdered in packets for easy mixing. In 1876, lime based paints were starting to see competition from resin based paints and stains, which came premixed and tinned starting in 1866 with Sherwin Williams in Ohio. It would not be until the early part of the 20th century.

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