My Summer Vacation, by an Adult Amateur

My Summer Vacation, by an Adult Amateur

Henry J. Minchin, A Trip to Nova Scotia, by Mr. & Mrs. H. J. Minchin in the Summer of ’97.  Beverly, Massachusetts: H.J. Minchin, 1897.

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This unusual amateur publication was apparently printed by an adult, as a keepsake of a summer vacation. The volume is only the size of a 3x5 index card, stab-sewn, and tied up with yarn. The printed text narrates the month-and-a-half trip Henry and Myra Minchin took to Nova Scotia and ends with their return home to Beverly. H.J. Minchin lists himself as printer and displays his printer’s ornament in the colophon. While not the neatest printing job ever (he has some trouble justifying lines and punctuation is sometimes inconsistent), Minchin does not entirely disgrace the name of older amateur printers.

Adopted by Lewis and Phyllis Nassikas in honor of Adelaide Cummings on her 100th birthday

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