Southdown Mutton Jelly Sauce

Southdown Mutton Jelly Sauce. Mmm!

Sinclair House (Bethlehem, NH), Register, 1875-1876.

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This guest register book contains the names and dates of visitors to the Sinclair House hotel from January 1875 through September 1876. The Sinclair House was built by John H. Sinclair in 1857. It was expanded numerous times, the original building being a tavern with ten rooms. In 1870 Sinclair sold the house to J.A. Durgin and D. W. Ranlet (Ranlet later sold his shares). Under new ownership, the hotel eventually expanded to a capacity of 300. The register, which lists J.A. Durgin as proprietor, records daily names of overnight visitors, their residence, room number at the hotel, and whether they arrived with a horse. On each facing page of the register is a sheet of advertisements. The Sinclair House was known for the food it served its visitors, and after reading the menu included at the front of the volume, it’s easy to see why. The menu, from 1881, lists a variety of foods, including leg of lamb with caper sauce, beef with Southdown mutton jelly sauce, vegetables, desserts, and an extensive wine list as long as the menu itself. The register, interestingly enough, was printed in Worcester by Maynard, Gough & Co.

Adopted by Barrett Morgan in memory of Weld Morgan

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