Book Him, Then Adopt

Book Him, Then Adopt

William Vinal, Notebook, 1880-1885.

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William L. Vinal (1857-1889), son of Captain William H. Vinal, was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts.  Based on the information recorded in his notebook, Vinal seems to have been a booking agent for travelling actors, musicians, lectures, and other shows.  The notebook lists 19 states (Louisiana through South Carolina) in alphabetical order.  It is probable that Vinal had the first and last portions of the alphabet in other notebooks.  Within each state is an alphabetical listing of cities within those states, with information about  population, local newspapers, and public halls.  When Vinal complied this volume, he listed the population of Worcester at 75,000, with four possible venues to book his shows.

Adopted by Steve Bolick

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