The Rebellious Wife of Brigham Young

The Rebellious Wife of Brigham Young

Dustin, Gilman & Co., [Hartford, Connectiut], Subscription Materials, 1877.

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This letter, accompanied by a printed pamphlet, promotes the release of the new work, Wife Number Nineteen, an exposé of Mormonism written by Eliza Young, also known as “The Rebellious Wife of Brigham Young.” The letter, to a book agent in Chicago, states that “This is by all odds, the best-selling and most popular book we have ever published.” The accompanying pamphlet features excerpts, a plate, and titillating descriptions – “…written entire by a Wife of Brigham Young, an inmate of his Harem, and one who knows from personal experience how the poor, weak women of Utah surrendered body and soul to the degradation of Polygamy.”

Adopted by Jeannette Vaught

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