To the Rio Grande on the Public Interest

To the Rio Grande on the Public Interest

Caldwell Alligator (manuscript periodical).

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This single front page from what may have been a longer issue of the Caldwell Alligator, though undated, was likely produced in 1846, as it celebrates the 70th anniversary of the American Revolution.  The paper begins with a note regarding the editor – “The Editor begs leave to assure the Public that his absence to the Rio Grande on duties connected with the public interest has prevented the publication of his paper but hastens to assure the public of a future continuation.”  The remainder of the paper celebrates the anniversary of the Revolution, and encourages readers to celebrate accordingly – “There is one way of celebrating which is universal…assemble at some public hall and there listen to the reading of the Declaration of Independence the reading of the Constitution of the United States and Washington’s admonition to his country men…”

Adopted by Ellen S. Dunlap

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