It’s in the Stars

It’s in the Stars

Horoscope, Philadelphia, March 1850.

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A rare find for the manuscript department is this hand written horoscope, or “nativitie,” The four page document features a chart mapping out alignments of planets and the moon. The astrologer gives the twenty-three year old subject details about his character, general fortune on specific days and months, and children - “you will have 6 children, but will raise only 4.” Most predictions are positive, with occasional warnings on certain days – “Sickness, which may interfere with and mitigate against your success in business undertakings…” And at the end comes the all-important disclaimer - “Now Sir! I have given you a general statement as to the manners, your prospects fluctuate during life, and you will find the advice valuable to follow. I mean to say, that on the days noted for evil, you should be on the ground, attending to your business, and deal with caution when giving credit. This information receive and follow, and you will reap the benefit, you will understand, that this judgment will be found correct to events yet hidden in the womb of futurity as a general guide to prevent misfortune.”

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