School Lot

School Lot

Survey and Plot Plan, Danby, Vermont 1786.

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These two simple but informative pieces of paper from 1786 map out a school lot of 55 acres in Danby, Vermont. The survey lays out very clearly the shape and size of the plot, marking all points with trees – “…beginning at the Southwest Corner of a fifty Acre Lott land out to Ephraim Seeley at a small Beech Tree then South 10 D. West 65 rods to a black Birch Tree…” One sheet writes out in text the exact measurements and directions, signed by the surveyor, Thomas Herrington. The other sheet shows the dimensions of the plot drawn out (each corner marked by a tree). Although Danby is not mentioned in the document, genealogical research quickly showed that all of the people named were residents of the town. 

Adopted by Steve Taviner and Matthias Waschek

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