Be Patriotic and Adopt Me

Be Patriotic and Adopt Me

Camp Gazette (Lakefield, Massachusetts). Oct. 15, 1862, vol. 1, no. 8.

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This is a newspaper published for the Union troops at Camp Joe Hooker south of Boston. The editor was S. B. Pratt who published the Marlborough Mirror until he enlisted in 1861. This is only the third issue known for this title (AAS owns one of the other two). What makes this different from most camp newspapers is its size, 19” x 24”. Most such papers were printed on small portable field presses unable to handle a sheet of paper this size. The Gazette contains camp news, poetry, short biographies of field and line officers, a roster of the camp (including the 55th Regiment, Irish), and advertisements.

Adopted by Rudy Ruggles

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