Warren, J. Thomas. Old Peggy Boggs; or, Nick Whiffles in the war. New York: Frank Starr & Co., 1877.

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A fine example of a dime novel from Frank Starr's Ten Cent American Novels series. The plot summary: On the eve of the Civil War, Philadelphian Harrison Graves is engaged to teach music and art to a Virginia plantation owner's daughters, only to find himself enmeshed in Southern gothic horror. At the outbreak of war, the plantation owner dons his Confederate general's uniform and has Graves imprisoned as a suspected abolitionist. But Old Peggy Boggs slips into the prison and frees Graves, who then liberates Boggs’ daughter from unjust white slavery on the general's plantation. Graves then joins the invading 14th Ohio to thrash the rebels and send the general to an early grave.

Adopted by Richard A. and Joanne L. Wilson

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