Shook the Wits out of Me

Shook the Wits out of Me

Odds & Ends, Rochester, New York, Vol. 1 No. 3, 1850.

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Odds & Ends was “A monthly paper, Published by an Association of Students of school District No 4” in Rochester, New York.  Aside from editorials and notes, the majority of the paper features original stories written by students.  “The Flax Seed” follows the seed’s adventures as it grows into a plant, is made into paper, used for homework, and ultimately played with by a dog –“I was left kicking around the school one evening I was kicked out of the school I had lain there for some time when a large dog came along and shook me so that he shook the wits out of me and that is all I can remember.”

Adopted by Jonathan Senchyne and Molly O’Hagan Hardy

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