Stop Copying Me!

Stop Copying Me!

5 Copy Books (Additions to Penmanship Collection).

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Four of these five new penmanship copy books belonged to the same student, Myron H. Porter. The fifth copy book in the lot belonged to Walter F. Johnson. Although we don’t know for certain where these two students lived, it can be assumed, both from where the copy book was published, and by the names of the towns often practiced within the copy books, that Johnson was from eastern Massachusetts and Porter lived in or near Keene, New Hampshire. All but two of Porter’s copy books, dated 1872, are undated. What’s interesting about having multiple copy books written by the same student is the ability to see the student’s progress over the years. Even though other books are undated, Porter’s inexpert handwriting clearly separates the earlier books from the later ones. It’s also possible to see the progression of handwriting lessons, from simple lines and pen strokes in the earlier books to full sentences in the later books.

Copy Books 1 & 2 adopted by Lisa and Thomas Sutter in honor of Melanie Glynn

Copy Books 3, 4 & 5 adopted by Delores Wasowicz

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